Rockin’ Robin

Robin 03-25-16
American Robin

Today at the museum we celebrate the American robin.  These copper-breasted beauties have returned to hop across lawns and build nests on our porches and windowsills.  Growing up in Wisconsin, I was thrilled to see the first robin of the year, signaling Spring was on its way.  I was surprised to learn the robin may not be soaking up the Florida sun, but instead, wintering only a few miles away.  According to the Audubon Society robins migrate in flocks, but break apart before nesting begins.

Don’t be fooled by their tiny size, these birds aggressively defend their nests.  I learned this first hand as a child when a pair of robins built their nest on our kitchen windowsill.  Every time we tried to use our front door, the birds squawked and dive-bombed us.  We started using another entrance and were rewarded with a nest full of bright turquoise eggs and soon after, tiny cheeping mouths anxious to be fed. Happy Spring!

Fun Fact:  According to, Robin from the Batman and Robin TV series (1966-1968) used 352 “Holy” words, from “Holy Agility” to “Holy Zorro”.  Here’s a link to get your toes tapping and to celebrate the robin: Rockin’_Robin

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