Strange Games

Today on Museum Bites we’re diving head first into some strange games. From bull leaping to ear pulling (yes, that’s a thing) these unusual competitions may not be widely known, but they have been immortalized in art and local lore.  Join me for a closer look. We begin on the island of Crete….


Happy Friday! Today on Museum Bites we’re paying tribute to the selfie, old-world style. Before smartphones and selfie sticks, artists painstakingly crafted self-portraits. These vintage selfies were more than just vanity, they were an inexpensive and handy means of experimentation. Join me for a look at a few favorites on display at the Art Institute of Chicago. We begin with the Other Gertrude…

Hear Me Roar

Today on Museum Bites we’re continuing our tour through the Art Institute of Chicago with a look at some badass women. This colorful cast includes a champion of women’s health, a defiant ruler, and a steadfast and devoted queen. Rebellious, revolutionary and revered, each took on the system in her own way. For a brief introduction, let’s begin by turning back the clock to ancient Rome…

Glowing Colors

Happy Friday! Today on Museum Bites we’re touring the Art Institute of Chicago. From patriotic panes to a swift ride through the Swiss countryside, we’ll sample a colorful and eclectic collection of artwork. We begin with a Ferris Bueller favorite…

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