Guiding Light: Reboot

Happy Friday! Today on Museum Bites we’re touring Valley Camp, a massive Great Lakes freighter that has been transformed into a maritime museum. Located in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, Valley Camp (formerly known as the Louis W. Hill) was launched in 1917 and for 49 years hauled cars, coal, grain, and iron ore. Today it is filled with a wide variety of seafaring gizmos and gadgets, including a stunning collection of Fresnel lenses. Join me for a closer look at this ingenious device.

Midsummer Staycation: Quick Bite Reboot

Today dear readers we’re popping a tent and extending our holiday a wee bit longer with a staycation along the shores of the Delaware River, circa 1924. Daniel Garber’s, Junior Camp (c1924), on display at the San Diego Museum of Art, captures an idyllic summer day.

Strike a Pose: Quick Bite Reboot

Today on Museum Quick Bites we’re tripping the light fantastic beneath a star-studded sky. On display at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Lajos Mack’s posh ceramic vase (c1900) features a cast of fashionable ladies-with-an-attitude striking a pose.

Seeing Green: Quick Bite

Today on Museum Quick Bites we’re diving into Jeptha Homer Wade’s, Portrait of Nathaniel Olds (1837). This rare and unusual painting features Wade’s landlord tricked out in a funky pair of green-tinted spectacles. Let’s zoom in for a closer look…

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