Nesting with Dinosaurs


Today at the museum we celebrate eggs with this lovely little wonder, the Maiasaura, or “good mother reptile”.  Like their bird predecessors, the duck-billed Maiasaura built large colonies of nests and took significant care of their eggs and hatchlings.  The first Maiasaura bones were discovered in central Montana by paleontologist, Jack Horner and his research team.  This site is called Egg Mountain, due to the large concentration of dinosaur eggs and bones buried beneath the rock.

“Birds are living dinosaurs,” states Dr. Horner.  To learn more about dinosaurs and their relation to birds, check out Dr. Horner’s entertaining TedTalk on how to build a dinosaur from a chicken.  Something to think about next time you feast on fowl 😉  Build_Dinosaur_from_Chicken

Fun Fact:  Jack Horner was the inspiration for Alan Grant, the main character in the Jurassic Park book and movies.

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