Road Trip: Part 2

The 1970s ushered in Pong, shag carpeting, and the Brady Bunch. Paneling filled our basements and the design team at Oldsmobile thought it would class up our cars too.

Road Trip: Part 1

The Deluxe Roadster's swooping fenders and bug-eyed headlights give this vintage beauty a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang vibe. It’d be a thrill to take it out for a truly scrumptious spin or in true Chitty Chitty style, a flight over the Bavarian Alps.


A tour through this literal boneyard is a chilling adventure. The musty air, shadowy tunnels, constant drip drip of water, and stacks upon stacks of neatly arranged human bones are enough to give the most daring a serious case of the willies.

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