Qin’s Way

Qin commissioned the construction of a subterranean tomb packed with riches and a terracotta army so vast it would make an Egyptian pharaoh blush.

Museum Bites

In the year ahead, I’ll be hitting the road and exploring new museums and historical sites. Together we’ll discover more quirky and little-known bits (bites!) about famous and not so famous people, places, artifacts and events.

Hello Dolly

Sporting a thick, sturdy ponytail, good old Velvet was made to withstand my exuberant hairstyling. No more creepy bald dolls. It was the perfect gift.


All this excitement culminates on the eve of December 5th when children young and old await Sinterklaas’s loud banging on the front door. Is that a switch he’s using to beat on the door? Are the Zwarte Pieten preparing to drag a bratty little brother off to Spain?

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