Climbing the Wall: Reboot

Together we jostled through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds and step by grueling step scrabbled up and down the steep inclines. Eventually, the mountain breeze began to cool, the crowds began to thin, and the view was nothing short of majestic.

Mind Your Head – Part 1

Headgear or the lack of it can define us. Do you shun the bike helmet or cinch your chin strap tighter? Do you sport a cheesy yellow wedge in the Fall? Or is a Viking helmet more your jam?

Treasure Palace

Over one million artifacts, spanning China’s 5,000-year history are tucked away inside these mighty walls, but only a small fraction are on display. Join me for a brief look at these hidden treasures…

Climbing the Wall

  Today on Museum Bites we’re continuing our trek through China with a breathtaking hike atop the Great Wall. The Great Wall…I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my trusty Tevas and I were standing on this vast and ancient landmark. Together we jostled through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds and... Continue Reading →

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