Hear Me Roar

Today on Museum Bites we’re continuing our tour through the Art Institute of Chicago with a look at some badass women. This colorful cast includes a champion of women’s health, a defiant ruler, and a steadfast and devoted queen. Rebellious, revolutionary and revered, each took on the system in her own way. For a brief introduction, let’s begin by turning back the clock to ancient Rome…

Pedal Power: Part 2

Happy Friday! We’re picking up speed on Museum Bites as we continue our trip through bicycle history. Last week we hopped aboard heavy wooden prototypes and outrageous, big-wheeled contraptions. Today, we’ll test drive a variety of bikes and learn how the addition of spokes, chains, gears, whacky handlebars and my personal favorite, the banana seat helped morph the bicycle into the vehicle we know and love today. We begin in the 1880s…

Painted Ladies

I can imagine her enjoying a post-dinner la passeggiata along the Grand Canal. Is she waiting to take a romantic gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs or planning to sip prosecco in the Piazza San Marco? Whatever her destination, this painting captures a festive night out on the town.

See Joan Run: Reboot

I found out I could do it [running] anywhere and anytime, didn’t have to wait for snow; I didn’t have to leave a carbon footprint behind and I could just go out and run. I just loved to run and I challenged myself with longer and longer distances every time I went out to run. –Joan Benoit Samuelson, (Interview with Nicki Miller, competitor.com, 8/6/14)

See Joan Run

Joanie is running a very unusual race…It kinda flies in the face of marathon wisdom of the past, of the way most top competitors compete, but Joanie is her own woman. –Bill Rodgers, marathoner and ABC Sports commentator.

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