Ancient Prize: Quick Bite

The Olympic Games are in full swing and today on Museum Quick Bites we’re paying tribute to ancient Greece with a deep dive into an ancient prize. From shipping containers to athletic trophies, the amphora has played a key role in Greek culture. Let’s zoom in and take a brief tour of a striking example on display at the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA).

Fresco: Quick Bite

Happy Friday! It’s good to be back 🙂 Today on Museum Quick Bites we’re rolling back the clock to 15th century Italy and digging into Filippino Lippi’s, Portrait of an Old Man (c1485). Painted on an embrice (terracotta roof tile), this 500+-year-old fresco is fresh, bright, and true. Let’s zoom in for a closer look…

Firecracker: Quick Bite

Today on Museum Quick Bites we’re kicking off July with a closer look at Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket (1875) by James McNeill Whistler. Cast against a deep, blue-black sky, Whistler’s painting captures a fleeting moment on a festive, firework-filled night. Like the firecrackers he painted, Whistler lit up the art world with his brilliant artwork and acerbic wit. Let’s zoom in and take a quick tour.

Hot Dam: Reboot

Today on Museum Bites we’re scaling the Hoover Dam. More than 70 stories high and made of 6 ½ million tons of concrete, this massive barrier was built to rein in the Colorado River. Despite political pettiness, agonizing work conditions, and a fierce and unforgiving river, the Hoover Dam was completed under budget and in record time. Join me for a look at this impressive feat of engineering. We begin along the shores of the Colorado River…

Compassion: Quick Bite

Today on Museum Quick Bites we’re dipping our toes into Buddhism with a closer look at an enchanting statue of Guanyin (1127–1279 CE, Southern Song Dynasty) on display at the San Diego Museum of Art. This statue of the bodhisattva of infinite compassion and mercy was carved from 16 pieces of wood that have been fused together and decorated with colorful pigments. Join me for a quick head-to-toe tour.

Just Married: Quick Bite

It’s June and wedding bells are ringing today on Museum Quick Bites. Join me as we take a walk down the aisle with traditional Mpondo wedding attire. Tricked out in layers upon layers of colorful beads, this bride and groom’s multi-piece wedding ensemble is a stylish accompaniment to a festive occasion. Let’s take a head-to-toe tour.

The Spill: Quick Bite

Today on Museum Quick Bites we’re winding down the merry month of May with Eduard von Grützner’s (1892), The Catastrophe. This slapstick portrayal of two, possibly tipsy monks shows off Grützner’s eye for detail and skill with a paintbrush. Let’s zoom in and take a closer look…

Armor Up: Quick Bite

Today on Museum Quick Bites were armoring up with the flashy and functional turban helmet. Handcrafted from silver and steel in Western Iran, this late 15th century helmet was designed for soldiers fighting in the heavy cavalry. Let’s zoom in and take a closer look at this stylish headgear.

Two Sisters: Quick Bite

Today on Museum Quick Bites we’re continuing our celebration of spring with Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s flowery portrait, Two Sisters (On the Terrace; 1881). From vibrant reds to brilliant blues, this lovely painting is awash in color. Let’s zoom in and take a closer look at the details.

May Flowers: Quick Bite

Yay it’s May! And today we’re celebrating on Museum Quick Bites with a moody self-portrait (1912) by Otto Dix. On display at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), Dix’s somber selfie pays homage to German portrait painters from the Renaissance. Let’s dig into the details…

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