Belling’s Bot: Quick Bite

Today on Museum Quick Bites we’re taking a closer look at Rudolf Belling’s Sculpture 23 (1923). Crafted from brass, this radiant, robotic head is a whimsical delight. From its sleek skull to its thick, slightly parted lips, Belling has forged a brassy jumble of shapes and parts to create a brilliant work of art. 

See Joan Run: Reboot

I found out I could do it [running] anywhere and anytime, didn’t have to wait for snow; I didn’t have to leave a carbon footprint behind and I could just go out and run. I just loved to run and I challenged myself with longer and longer distances every time I went out to run. –Joan Benoit Samuelson, (Interview with Nicki Miller,, 8/6/14)

See Joan Run

Joanie is running a very unusual race…It kinda flies in the face of marathon wisdom of the past, of the way most top competitors compete, but Joanie is her own woman. –Bill Rodgers, marathoner and ABC Sports commentator.

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