Geeking Out on Gutenberg: Reboot

Happy Friday! It’s been a crazy, fun-filled week of family birthdays, a solar eclipse, and packing my eldest off to college. So today we're taking a brief hiatus from our Chinese adventure and hitting the books. Please enjoy this Museum Bites reboot of the amazing life of Johannes Gutenberg and his magical moving type machine. ... Continue Reading →

Climbing the Wall

  Today on Museum Bites we’re continuing our trek through China with a breathtaking hike atop the Great Wall. The Great Wall…I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my trusty Tevas and I were standing on this vast and ancient landmark. Together we jostled through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds and... Continue Reading →

Qin’s Way

Qin commissioned the construction of a subterranean tomb packed with riches and a terracotta army so vast it would make an Egyptian pharaoh blush.

See Joan Run: Reboot

I found out I could do it [running] anywhere and anytime, didn’t have to wait for snow; I didn’t have to leave a carbon footprint behind and I could just go out and run. I just loved to run and I challenged myself with longer and longer distances every time I went out to run. –Joan Benoit Samuelson, (Interview with Nicki Miller,, 8/6/14)

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