Power Couples

Today on Museum Bites we’re celebrating power couples. From a royal abduction to religious reformists these dynamic duos have inspired a cult, scandalized the church, and went so far as to start a war. Join me for a brief look at the lives and loves of three legendary couples. We begin by rolling back the clock to ancient Greece…

Hey Jude

Today on Museum Bites we’re celebrating biblical badass, Judith of Bethulia. Clever, pious, and downright ruthless Judith saved her city with a mix of charm and brute force. She has inspired artists throughout the ages and her portrayals have ranged from dainty and devout to bold and bloodthirsty. Join me for a brief look at three interpretations of the mighty Judith, but first a little background…

Uffizi Favorites

Today on Museum Bites we’re embarking on a whirlwind tour of Northern Italy. Over the next few weeks, we’ll soar high above the Duomo in Siena, meander through marble-filled museums in Firenze, zip through Rome on a Vespa, and pick through some decorative bones along the way. We begin this first of a four-part series with some Uffizi favorites.

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