My Grandma’s Buckles Never Flapped

Flapper Dress
Flapper Dress 1920s
Anna & Henry Smits Wedding-1911
Wedding Photo 1911

This gorgeous flapper dress from the 1920s is on display at the Michigan State University museum. The dropped waist and simple, angular lines mimic the Art Deco style of the time. Many considered flapper girls outrageous and immoral with their raised hems, bobbed hair, and free-spirited lifestyle.  Add dancing the Charleston and you’ve got full-blown scandal.

Compare this to my grandma, pictured here on her wedding day, in 1911.  Her ankle length dress cinched tight, and her long hair twisted up beneath a wide brimmed hat, Grandma was raised under a strict moral code.

Fun fact: It was fashionable for young ladies of the 1920s to leave the buckles on their galoshes unfastened.  The term flapper may have come from these flapping buckles.

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