Museum Bites

In the year ahead, I’ll be hitting the road and exploring new museums and historical sites. Together we’ll discover more quirky and little-known bits (bites!) about famous and not so famous people, places, artifacts and events.

My Grandma’s Buckles Never Flapped

This gorgeous flapper dress from the 1920s is on display at the Michigan State University museum. The dropped waist and simple, angular lines mimic the Art Deco style of the time. Many considered flapper girls outrageous and immoral with their raised hems, bobbed hair, and free-spirited lifestyle.  Add dancing the Charleston and you’ve got full-blown scandal.... Continue Reading →

Packing Heat in Your Hat

Check out these gorgeous hatpins on display at the MSU museum.  This exhibit really sparkles! Hatpins date as far back as the 1400s, when they were used to secure wimples, a cloth headdress that covered the hair and neck (think: nuns).  Their height of popularity ran from the 1880s until the 1920s, when the snug... Continue Reading →

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