April in Paris

Today we travel to Paris and a mini museum high atop the Eiffel Tower.  Originally constructed as an entry way for the 1889 World’s Fair, La Tour Eiffel ascends to approximately 984 feet (not including the radio antenna). The height can vary up to 6 inches depending on the temperature.  gallery-1429805824-vintage-eiffel-tower-apt-2

Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923), the chief architect and engineer, and for whom the tower is named, had a small apartment built on the 3rd level.  He installed a laboratory and entertained fellow scientists, including Thomas Edison.  Eiffel also used the tower for his various scientific experiments in aerodynamics, astronomy, and meteorology. Last spring this mini museum was opened to the public.

You can reach the upper levels of the Eiffel Tower by elevator or if you’re feeling fit, climb the 1,710 stairs.

Eiffel Tower-3 compressed
My son climbing the 1,710 steps of the Eiffel Towe

Fun Fact #1: Many Parisians believed La Tour Eiffel was a hideous blight on their beautiful skyline.  For years, French writer, Guy de Maupassant, regularly dined inside the Eiffel Tower restaurant, because it was the only place in Paris he wouldn’t see it.

Fun Fact #2:  Monsieur Guy and friends most likely swooned in horror when a decade after the Eiffel Tower was built, city engineers had it painted yellow.  Yes, the Eiffel Tower was once (gulp) yellow.  Today it is painted every 7 years in an aptly named shade of “Eiffel Tower Brown”.

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