Up in Smoke

Take a deep breath because today on Museum Bites we’re striking a match and lighting up some incense. This ancient form of aromatherapy dates back to the Egyptians and has been used to call forth the gods, chase away demons, offer up prayers, purify a room, honor ancestors, enhance meditation, and so much more. I’ve come across a variety of incense burners on my museum travels. Join me for a closer look at three delightful examples. We begin by rolling back the clock to the 6th century…

Mighty Art

Today on Museum Bites we’re taking a tour through the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s (MIA) fascinating collection of Japanese art. From wabi-sabi to wasabi, samurai to sushi, the Land of the Rising Sun has a rich and mighty history. Join me for a look at ancient bug helmets, delicate fans, weeping statues, and so much more. We begin with a dynamic duo…

Colorful Korea

Happy Friday! The winter Olympics are in full swing and all that glitters in South Korea is bronze, silver, and gold. Today on Museum Bites, we too, are headed to Korea via the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA).

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