Mother Road

Fasten your seatbelts because today on Museum Bites we’re taking a trip down Route 66. This iconic US highway spans over 2,000 miles, crosses 3 time zones and rolls through 8 states. Nicknamed Mother Road and the Main Street of America, Route 66 has been immortalized in books, movies, songs, and even a TV series. Join me for a ride down this historic road. We begin by rolling back the clock to the 1920s...

Modern Shine

Today on Museum Bites we’re stepping back in time to the Modernist era (1880s-1940s). The sleek and simple designs on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) highlight modernist function and fun. Join me as we indulge in the modernist’s stylish spin on everyday objects. We’ll sip tea, crush ice, snack on caviar and strum a few twangy wangy tunes. We begin at tea time…

Dazzling Deco

Today on Museum Bites we’re kicking off my road trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a tour through the Milwaukee Art Museum’s dazzling collection of art deco. Sleek and shiny art deco influenced fashion, entertainment, architecture and even manufacturing during the 1920s and 1930s.

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